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Frameserving is a process by which you directly transfer video data from one program on your computer to another.  No intermediate or temporary files are created.  The program that opens the source file(s) and outputs the video data is called the frameserver.  The program that receives the data could be any type of video application.

Benefits of Frameserving

There are two main reasons that you would want to frameserve a video:

1)  Save Disk Space:
Depending the on the frameserving application, you can usually edit/process your video as it is being frameserved.  Because frameserving produces no intermediate files, you can use a frameserver to alter your videos without requiring any additional disk space.  For example, if you wanted to join two video files, resize them, and feed them to another video application, frameserving would allow you to do this without creating a large intermediate file.

2)  Increased Compatibility:
To the video application that's receiving the frameserved video, the input looks like a relatively small, uncompressed video file.  However, the source file that the frameserver is transferring could actually be, for example, a highly compressed MPEG-1 video.  If your video application doesn't support MPEG-1 files, it's not a problem because the application is just receiving standard uncompressed video from the frameserver.  This feature of frameserving enables you to open certain types of files in an application that wouldn't normally support them.

Furthermore, because the video application is being fed the source video one frame at a time, it doesn't know anything about the file size of the source video.  Therefore, if your application has 2 GB or 4 GB limit on input file size, it won't have any effect on your frameserved video.  You could feed 100 GB of video via a frameserver to an application limited to 2 GB and it wouldn't cause a problem.

Popular frameservers and frameserver clients include:

En wat betekent dit voor Rachid ?
AviSynth is tevens een videoeditor welke aan te sturen is via scripting.
Wat betekent dat je een videoarchief kunt opbouwen, dit kunt doorbladeren, video's kunt selecteren, en dynamisch kunt mengen en encoderen voor de klant :-)
Bijvoorbeeld een archief van komische video's, en de klant elke week een andere feed leveren.
En volgend jaar dezelfde video's in een andere volgorde recyclen natuurlijk ;-)
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