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Crowdsourcing met Cambrian House

v4| by Rachid on 2008-05-21 14:31:33    (6033) rating

Wisdom & Participation of Crowds

Crowdsourcing is when people gather via the Internet to create something and share in the profit, often without ever meeting each other in person.
Cambrian House is a community that enables people and businesses to harness the wisdom and participation of crowds for commerce.

Need I say more ?
Cambrian House is een soort online denktank dus.
Je kunt ook zoeken of je eigen ideeen door meerderen gedeeld worden.

Voor wie het concept van Cambrian House te ingewikkeld vind kan bezoeken.

Vond de volgende wel goed:
"Ads printed on toilet paper for use in public toilets. If you like the ad, tear it off and put it in your pocket. If you don't, you know what you can do with it."
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